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Although digital printing on flat objects has been a standard industry practice for many years, users can now carry out digital printing on a wide range of cylindrical objects. Many cylindrical objects that can be digitally printed now include beverage cans, glasses and bar utensils; Stainless steel and plastic sports bottles; Candles and candlesticks; Industrial pipeline; sanitary cup; Beer and spirits bottles; Measuring cup; Event-based products (such as water bottles for bicycle racing); Personalized items; And cosmetics. In addition, this method can print on a variety of materials, including aluminum, glass, stainless steel, plastic, paraffin (candle), silicone and rubber.

The Cylinder printer is designed to print on cylindrical objects with flat or conical walls, such as water bottles, pint glasses and other drinking utensils. With the Andres cylinder printer, you can now print 360 degrees on the object in full CMYK+W, thus eliminating the step of applying the label to the object. Short distance bottle printing is now also possible through inkjet. Water bottle printer, wine bottle printer, extrusion bottle printing – all of these can be realized on our cylinder printer. We have designed different machines for different industries and applications – drinking water, advertising, industrial – with production speeds ranging from 50 pph to 7200 pph. We are sure to meet your needs.

Store artwork for quick replacement. Direct to object Cylinder printer is applicable to all products from drinking utensils to industrial parts. The output varies from 60 pieces per hour to thousands per hour. Some have online pretreatment and automatic loading/unloading functions to improve foaming production speed. All colors are CMYK process color plus white, and there is varnish option. All variable data is supported.

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