How Many ways to custom or print your tumblers ?

Tumbler , As a holiday gift, many companies will customize the stainless steel vacuum thermos cup or tumblers . The printing of the photo is necessary during the customization process. However, there are several ways to print the thermos cups tumblers bottles etc , and the prices of different printing processes are different. Each water bottle print has its own characteristics, and consumers can choose the appropriate process according to their preferences. Sam from Andresjet will introduce several common processes for printing in the thermos cup industry:


silkscreen printing

Disadvantage :

  1. The cost of making a film screen is high, and the cost of printing is expensive;
  2. The color is more complicated and cannot be modified once it is finalized;
  3. The process is cumbersome and the production cycle is long;
  4. The cost of silk screen printing is high, and the screen printing points cannot be eliminated. Mass production is required to reduce costs.
  5. More labor force are required, and the proportion of hand-made is high


  1. Not limited by the size and shape of the substrate
  2. ink adhesion is strong
  3. Single color or simple color print , speed is mass fast .
bottle print

bottle print


Laser printing

laser marking, the pattern and text are etched with laser on the stainless steel part of the cup body, the color is single, the pattern and text will not be worn, it is mainly suitable for stainless steel cups and other material cups.

metal bottle printing

metal bottle printing

Advantages: Not easy to wear and tear, better for darker cups.

Disadvantage: color is simple , not colorful . can not make gradient color or multi color bottle print .


Thermal transfer printing:

Most of the substrates used are pet sheets. After printing various colors of patterns on the pet sheets, hot melt adhesive is also applied to the back of the pattern. It is this hot melt adhesive that firmly combines the pattern with the clothing. At the same time, peel off the pet waste film and complete the thermal transfer process.

Advantages of thermal transfer heat transfer: low cost of plate making, full pattern layers, beautiful color and luster

Disadvantages : can not print Taper cups , can not print the necks of the bottles . Need mainly labor force , print speed is slow ,


Andres 360 Cylindrical UV tumbler print

Andres 360 Cylindrical UV tumbler printing

Andres 360 Cylindrical UV tumbler print

Advantage :

  1. No MOQ required, rich colors
  2. Highest resoltion of printing effect .
  3. Easy operation , less labor force
  4. Friendly eco -uv ink .Environmental protection, low pollution
  5. Speed fast . 1 minute/1 bottle .
  6. except bottles , one cylindrical printer can print different diameter products , such as cosmetic tubes , spray vaccum bottles ,electronic toothbrush tubes etc .
tumbler printer

tumbler printer

Disadvantages :

  1. UV ink need steady temperature , mostly machine room need air conditioner .
  2. Artwork designer , Need experienced graphic designer to make photos for custom tumblers
  3. Monthly change consumables , like inks , ink tubes , print heads , filters etc .

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