Andres 360 Cylindrical printer application

In 2018, the company began to develop cylindrical printers, and in 2019, they were launched to the market one after another, and the machine was continuously optimized through customer feedback.


Andres 360 ,Industrial cylindrical inkjet UV printers print digital images directly onto substrates that are cylindrical, straight wall or tapered in nature. 

Cylinder printer are primarily used for digitally printing on drinkware.Common applications for cylindrical inkjet printers , such as glassware, stadium cups, tumblers, barware, shot glasses, water bottles, candles,electronic tooth brush tube, cigarrate tube and more

Andresjet utilize direct-to-shape printing technology to achieve superior quality, full-color, seamless graphics. Full-color graphics are achieved from UV inks in cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white, varnish. To make a better output print effect.

Tumbler print

Tubes printing , lipstick tubes printing , tooth brush tubes printing

Cups printing

Vacuum flask printing

Wine bottle printing


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